What's so terrible about wearing a mask? OK, sometimes it makes breathing a little difficult, and it fogs up glasses. The elastic can get tangled with hearing aids, to the point that the aids may end up dangling and almost falling off. (That's an expensive loss if you can't catch.) If you look down, like taking money or a credit card out of your pocketbook, you probably won't be able to see. And there are people who have complained that they're viewed as potential criminals when entering.
a store with a mask rather than as socially conscious individuals honoring the rules. 

On the bright side, think about all the positive images of masks. Wearers like the Lone Ranger, Batman, Cat Woman; Zorro; masked balls and masquerades; Mardi Gras. A mask can be romantic, mysterious. Unmasking a person in such circumstances leads to discovery and falling in love. 

So what's the big deal? I admit it. I generally don't wear a mask just walking around the street, though I keep a few in my car for placement when entering stores.

One nice thing about masks is that, contrary to what one might expect, they can bridge the political divide. One of my friends is conservative, supportive of political leaders that drive me nuts. But when we talk about masks and the tendency for coronavirus to come back, suddenly we're in accord. I pray someday for the need for masks to disappear, except in masked balls and Super Heroes.