I’m a writer and editor. That’s an awfully general statement. So let me tell you a little more .

Culture Vulture: 

My brother and I always laugh that despite differences in temperament, outlook, and taste, we both inherited an interest in the same things from our parents — art, music (especially classical and Broadway shows), and opera. (In my case, add ballet).

Not only were our parents passionately interested in these art forms, but they took us to see shows, concerts, and opera at an early age. Plus, they raised us in the fertile ground of New York City, where it was hard to resist the arts.

So, it was not surprising that I grew up writing about them: Previewing theater for such newspapers as the Carlisle Sentinel and Montgomery Sentinel and The Burg and reviewing it for such publications as the Patriot-News, Maryland Theatre Guide, and BroadwayWorld.

And then, sometimes I write plays. The theaters that have workshopped or staged my works include Gretna Theatre, Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg (more).

Two of my plans have been published by Art Age Senior Theatre and one by Dramatic Publishing.


A Healthy Life: 

No, this isn’t about my diet or how much exercise I do (not enough), but about what I write—and edit—about. Other interests are health and medicine. My brother became a doctor, and I wrote about it. I was a copy editor, later managing editor, of Transition magazine in Fischer Medical Publications and wrote for Emergency Medicine, its sister publication. I also write about health trends for Business Woman magazine, about a medical center for The Sun, and a magazine appropriately called Health.


Mental Health:  

Having once dreamed of a career in psychology or social work, I often write about related issues: I write profiles of social work students for The New Social Worker, and contributed to two anthologies (name) about mental illness. I also wrote a parenting column for The Patriot-News.


History/Social Sciences: 

So, I married a historian, of Russia and Eastern Europe, and ended up reading a lot of classic Russian literature and having long discussions at dinner about that part of the world. (In between, we had two daughters and now two grandchildren.) Of late I’ve written some short stories tinged with Tolstoy and Dostoevsky.



Then there were subjects I wrote about I initially had no interest in, such as leadership, in Business2Business magazine. For years I wrote a real estate column for the Patriot-News. I also was a copy editor of books and other materials for Mary Knackstedt, an interior designer of note, and I wrote press releases for Leonard Dozier, an actor/voice actor, etc. etc.


I also edited/proofread/and copy edited — including several books — and wrote grant applications for nonprofits, including a huge grant a Jewish Federation achieved.


Getting Published: 

In addition to the many, many articles I’ve written and the plays I’ve created, I’ve also participated in two National Writing Novel Months and written other as-yet unpublished novels. I also published three nonfiction books — two about caregiving for older relatives and one a biography of Mary Sachs. She was an entrepreneur/philanthropist who dominated the scene in Harrisburg, Pa. for decades. That’s where my family and I lived.


What I’d Like to Write: 

I’d like to get at least one novel conventionally published, and another nonfiction work or two. And I’d like to write a bunch more plays. Who know I’d be doing any of this sitting when I was a kid. And I’m grateful.





Most writers regard the truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are most economical in its use.
– Mark Twain