Modeling behavior

Sometimes a seemingly neutral thing brings us back to a vivid memory of childhood. My mother, who came what is called a "secular background," as opposed to my father's religiously observant one, didn't work once my brother was born. He's three years older than I am. But before that she had a double career: as a model of suits and coats in a showroom, and as a fashion designer of children's clothing. She used to tell me about both. She seemed to have no unpleasant memories about the design career, unless you count someone who was completely honest "copying" fashions from more-expensive stores to adapt them to lower-priced ones. It was a kind of "industrial espionage, but accepted. About modeling, however, she had many misgivings. Oh, she enjoyed the work, per se, and even in old age could walk across a room with a book on her head. And there wasn't any hanky-panky like nude photographs. What there was was a boss who, in my mother's words, used to chase the models around the showroom. She was shocked upon seeing his obit in the paper years later, and was looking upon an old man, when she remembered him as someone young and vibrant. He never chased her fast enough -- my mother was very conservative (not politically). So when, after I was born, a pretty (all said) little girl with blonde curls and blue eyes resembling Shirley Temple without the musical talent, there would be offers, she said, from people who would see me in the baby carriage to turn me into a baby model. We would have made a lot of money, but my never even considered. She always carried with her the memories of the, if not sleazy, then a bit unsavory world of modeling. The closest I ever came was considering modeling shoes, since I had an "abnormally" small size for a relatively (before "shrinking") tall person. But remembering my mother, I turned it down. I had a similar association when my younger daughter, an incipient actor, was photographed at age 11 by a professional when appearing in her first non-children's show. They were great pictures. We still have them. But I would have balked if her career went in a different direction than sheer acting. (She has now taken the safer courses of editor and poet, while my other daughter is a chef.)
Why am I thinking about all this? Because oddly, an email arrived on my desk from a KidsCasting, looking for child models. They were paying up to $100 an hour, and auditions were online. No thanks! Maybe I'm thinking of a certain highly placed person in this country with a former modeling career. No thanks!