Editorializing the Weather

This is probably not a very important topic, considering the pandemic and suffering families. But it's something that has annoyed me for a long time. That is what I call "editorializing the weather." That is, when the meteorologist tells you how "nice" the weather is instead of just saying, here's the temperature, here's the humidity, what's expected. One person went as far as to say that the "bad" weather was making the coronavirus and  lockdown "worse." What was "worse," sunny weather in the 60s? He then magnified his wrong by saying that really good weather was coming up. By that he meant the 70s and 80s. Well, wat if someone doesn't like 70s and 80s? Again, why couldn't he just be specific? The other thing that makes me nuts is when the radio announcer says that the high that particular day would be 90 degrees, when it was already 95 when he spoke? Again, these are very minor points considering everything else going on. But it has to do with our respecting everyone else's opinions -- and tastes.