Death Wish?

I remember when studying Freud in college that some of his views on the Oedipal complex and infantile sexuality caused some doubt. (Later in life I was them differently). But invoking even more question was his theory of the Death Wish. But then, once in a while, I think he, sadly, had it right on. 

The past few days have been times like that. I listen to and read the news about how the death toll in the United States from Covid-19 has neared 100,000. Yet, some elected officials continue to walk around without masks, and people are flocking to the beaches and parks, keeping nowhere near social distance, with not a mask in sight. 

Were they just being anti-authority? That's true for some of them, no doubt. Some could be no-vaccs. Some may be sick of long periods of lockdown and of masks. But there is another possibility -- and that takes u back to Freud. I don't like masks either, or lockdowns, but nor do I like the numbers of people afflicted with, and possibly dying from, Covid 

What do you think, Freud?