Crazy or What?

Sometimes I don't believe the news. In the sense of both it's too weird to be believed and in the sense of I do believe it, but it's unbelievable.

The latter was my reaction today when one of the online news media reported that there are actually young people in a Southern city who deliberately get infected by coronavirus by holding parties.What's worse, they deliberately invite people known to be infected who are invited to infect others. What? Are they out of their minds?

It made me so sick I almost had to pull over when driving. Do they know how sick they can get? That they can die? That plenty of young people their ages have already died or gotten very ill? 

It reminded me of an episode on Law and Order, in which a young man with HIV goes around deliberately infecting girls and women. He's indicted for depraved indifference, but dies before he can be placed in a prison hospital. The producers may say that at most of the episodes are fictional, but we know they're often inspired.

What do you do with people like that? Arrest them for wanting coronavirus? For infecting others? I still have that sickening feeling. That's for sure.